The events that led up to the July 13 apparition centers on Lucia. After hearing the priest telling her mother that she may be seeing the devil, Lucia began to experience anxiety and discouragement. This was something like a "dark night of the soul" where she did not want to go back to the apparition site again. Despite her status as a seer and chosen soul, she experienced her faith life in the same way we do, and had to struggle to find God and to even pray and offer daily sacrifices. During the apparition, the children were given the three-part secret of Fatima, including the vision of hell. After they saw the horrible consequences of sin, they came to understand their mission better. Our Lady revealed the devotion to her Immaculate Heart and why Our Lord wanted this to avoid the great sufferings that were in store for the world if it did not change.  This podcast is brought to you by Fatima the movie.

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