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July 9, 2020  

Fatima Podcast Series: The July 13 apparition and Lucia’s “dark night of the soul”

The events that led up to the July 13 apparition centers on Lucia. After hearing the priest telling her mother that she may be seeing the devil, Lucia began to experience anxiety and discouragement. This was something like a "dark night of the soul" where she did not want to go back to the apparition site again. Despite her status as a seer and chosen soul, she experienced her faith life in the same way we do, and had to struggle to find God and to even pray and offer daily sacrifices. During the apparition, the children were given the three-part secret of Fatima, including the vision of hell. After they saw the horrible consequences of sin, they came to understand their mission better. Our Lady revealed the devotion to her Immaculate Heart and why Our Lord wanted this to avoid the great sufferings that were in store for the world if it did not change.  This podcast is brought to you by Fatima the movie.

July 7, 2020  

Dave Carollo and Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio: Embracing our sufferings

Podcast #4 from our continuing series on peace and the Fatima apparitions with The Drew Mariani Show and FATIMA the movie. David Carollo and Drew discuss the power to change the course of this world by our prayers and sufferings, and how the errors of Russia have spread throughout the whole world, as how Sister Lucia warned in 1946. 

June 30, 2020  

St. Francisco couldn’t hear Our Lady, but he listened and followed her peace plan

David Carollo joined The Drew Mariani Show, Friday, June 26, for part 3 of our series on peace and the Fatima apparitions with FATIMA the movie. The topic was about St. Francisco and his eagerness to do what Our Lady said, especially to pray the Rosary. In these times of violence and lack of peace, it is time we listen to the Fatima peace plan and bring spiritual solutions to the problems in our world.  

June 21, 2020  

The Immaculate Heart of Mary: Why now?

Barb Ernster and Drew Mariani discuss the critical message of Fatima, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and why God wanted it established in the Church and the world.  Friday, 6/19/20, The Drew Mariani Show, Relevant Radio (A Marian series brought to you by FATIMA the movie and the World Apostolate of Fatima USA).

June 18, 2020  

Dave Carollo On These Uncertain Times

A change of pace again today, for Dave Carollo, the Executive Director for Our Lady of Fatima is back with us and he’s very happy to be on the show today.  Joining him is not only Tony, but also Barb Ernster who works for Dave with Our Lady of Fatima.  Today, they are discussing not only what Our Lady of Fatima has and had been doing during the Covid-19 Pandemic, but also what is going on during these uncertain times and how much has changed in the last few months.  These three also discuss how things are opening and reopening up, including the masses for churches and how it feels very nice that people are coming back, which are and have been considered essential to many.  Another aspect Dave, Barb, and Tony share is to express hope that things will be good and get back to normal in terms of before Covid-19 and provide words of encouragement for all to get out and live our lives safely and with joy.  For more information on Dave Carollo and Barb Ernster, visit online at: www.bluearmy.com



June 17, 2020  

Fatima, the new movie and the message of peace on Relevant Radio

David Carollo was on the Drew Mariani show on Relevant Radio  June 12, to discuss the civil and spiritual unrest in our country and the urgent need for peace, as the message of Fatima promises. They also discussed the timeliness of the new movie FATIMA opening in theaters August 14.

May 14, 2020  

A Eucharistic “famine”

Barb Ernster discusses the Eucharistic “famine” we are experiencing today and what we can learn from Fatima and Sts. Jacinta and Francisco, with Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio, May 14, 2020.

May 13, 2020  

Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima

Deacon Bob Ellis discusses the third part of the secret of Fatima on the Drew Mariani show on Relevant Radio, May 13, 2020.

May 13, 2020  

May 13th Fatima Apparition

David Carollo discusses the May 13th Fatima apparition with Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio, May 12, 2020

March 11, 2020  

Understanding suffering in the light of Fatima

This podcast is sponsored by the movie Fatima, opening in theatres April 24.  For more information, visit www.Fatimathemovie.com.